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Vinyl Tiles Dubai by Floor Tiles, a vogue and versatile floor covering pre-eminence, is the most worthwhile home improvement you can ever get. Our luxury tiles make the most eye-catching home decors and their durability makes them a highly favorable choice to go for. They serve as the ideal heavy-duty flooring for all residential and commercial areas, specifically those with a greater extents of footfall.

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Our Vinyl Tiles Dubai Offer The Best Functional Decor

Made from high-quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), our luxury vinyl tiles come in the spectacular structural profile of solid tiles, (similar to the sheet version) with a thickness ranging between 4 mm and 6 mm. Furthermore, these tiles are backed with either a fiberglass or felt backing layer. Next up, there’s the design layer featuring the digital print of the desired flooring pattern, and lastly comes the clear wear layer, meant for protection from moisture, scratches, and other damages.

The aesthetic aspect of our Vinyl Tiles Dubai is greatly versatile and you get multiple designs as well as color options to choose from. Our vinyl floor tiles are a smart flooring treatment with which you can have any high-end floor’s beauty induced within your place.

We Are The Top-grade Vinyl Tiles Dubai Suppliers

And with us at Floor Tiles, you’ll come across the trendiest and the most classy varieties of vinyl floor tiles. The quality you’re meant to get is the most premium and the one that creates significant differences. Our LVT flooring will serve as the most serviceable flooring, essentially a highly lucrative investment.

With our Vinyl Tiles Dubai, you’ll acquire smart and promising perseverance as well as sustenance for your home floors. We exclusively deal all over the UAE and you can easily place your hands over this ritzy floor covering within the comfort of your home, just by giving us a call!

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Vinyl Tile Flooring Dubai Is The Most Cost-effective Investment

Our vinyl tile flooring is the kind of floor treatment that will not just serve you with the most prolonged comfort and convenience but will also give you the best value for your money. These tiles are ideally heavy-duty and hard-wearing in their profiles and from moisture-prone spaces to commercial-grade uses, they can be incorporated into literally any and every decor.

Vinyl Tiles Dubai offers the aesthetic approach of luxury (and costly) flooring treatments, basically whatever design you please. Also, they are incredibly easy to care for, so despite all the perks and pros, you won’t come across any difficulty maintaining them. Last but not least comes the aspect of greater cost-effectivity achieved with this choice of the residential floor system.

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Vinyl Tiles Dubai Utilization Comes With Endless Benefits

By all means, the most advantageous flooring to spend on, our vinyl floor tiles will bring about major beautification of your place and comfort provision for you. These floor tiles are extremely low-cost and convenient to handle when it comes to maintenance and yet they continue to sparkle all along with their extensive lifespan.

These Vinyl Tiles Dubai have an entirely waterproof structure and they are also highly resilient against stains, spills, or scratches, which make them a useful option for all residential areas, particularly kitchen spaces. Moreover, the floor system created by our vinyl floor tiles is highly insulating and energy-efficient, therefore a smart way to cut down energy bills.

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Treat Your Home Floors With Perfection, Choose Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Our premium quality LVT flooring is one of the most durable and therefore long-term beneficial ways of treating your home floors. Featuring the most realistic visuals (patterns/ designs), this is the kind of flooring that wonderfully complements all kinds of décor around it. The textured finish of this tile flooring seems highly entrancing and provides delightful comfort underfoot. Plus, it does increase the safety extent of the floors for everybody.

Coming to the functional side, our Vinyl Tiles Dubai are a completely eco-friendly flooring choice, which is ideally safe and non-toxic to use, as well, contributing to the good indoor air quality of your places. You can make use of this waterproof flooring both for both indoor and outdoor areas and it will keep serving you without the need for any heavy or costly maintenance.

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At Floor Tiles, you will get the finest level installation services of Vinyl Tiles Dubai, plus the most incredible styling ideas for your home/apartment/office as well.

That’s our excellent distinction of providing our valued customers with maximum comfort. Do get in touch with us today and have this marvelous flooring upgrade for your places, with our signature perfection.

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