Coziest Ornamental Parquet Tiles Dubai

Floor Tiles presents to you the most excellent quality and visually pleasing flooring choice of Parquet Tiles Dubai. Our pre-eminent parquet floor tiles will add the greatest levels of delightful warmth to your places and their durability is totally unbeatable, too.

This flooring treatment will be the most budget-friendly upgrade of your place and the highly long-lasting perseverance of your subfloors, at the same time.

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Our Parquet Tiles Dubai Combine The Best Aesthetics And Utility

The hard-wearing hardwood structure of our parquet floor tiles involves different options of wood species such as maple, oak, or walnut. The hardwood top layer further has a backing for the purpose of additional support and comfort and the backing materials usually are plastic, cloth, or paper meshes. These meshings are made to attach relatively thin metal or plastic frames(skeletons) and the hardwood is then layered atop it.

The mesmerizingly unique patterns of our Parquet Tiles Dubai get inlaid in beautiful repetitive designs. As for the resultant style created by laying the small wooden slats (planks), it turns out to be the kind of floor décor that blends well with the surrounding styling, too. The thickness level of this flooring usually lies between 3/4″ and 5/16″.

Choose Our Top-Notch Platform For Parquet Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles brings you the dazzling and distinctive floor covering of Parquet floors and parquet wall tiles, featuring the highest-grade build quality. The suave and sophisticated look created by our parquet tiles Dubai will give a major uplift to the entire appearance of your surroundings.

This kind of flooring treatment not only is extremely versatile but also comes with the phenomenal advantage of longevity. We’ve got you these amazing floor tiles with the added benefit of affordability and you can make the most out of their cost-effective functionality for both the purposes of ornamentation and the value increment of your place.

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Parquet Floor Tiles Dubai Make The Most Inviting Spaces

Parquet flooring, of course, is one of the tried and tested flooring treatments with a staple beauty. Therefore, we’ve got you this timelessly adorable floor treatment in the form of quality floor tiles, for the perfect upgrade of your interiors. Featuring entirely mesmerizing patterns, these floor tiles are meant to get seamlessly incorporated into any and every existing decor and make totally the best option for the upcoming ones.

A wooden tile flooring treatment is something that will work wonders for all decors and will remain eye-catching even after decades. Also, the best part is that you don’t need to maintain these floors a lot like the real wood ones, since they are technically tiles, depicting the wooden beauty and aesthetics.

Featured Parquet Tiles Collection

Select and shop from our featured collection. We provide expert-grade flooring treatments.

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Our Parquet Tiles Dubai Offer Huge Functional Benefits

Parquet Floor Tiles are incomparably aesthetic and greatly versatile elements, worth adding to all places around you. In addition to the physical beauty, their functionality will comfort you in many ways, as well. They balance the interior environment in terms of temperature and you can benefit from both their insulating and cooling properties.

Over and above, these Parquet Tiles Dubai come with the additional pros of being extremely effortless and inexpensive to take care of. Also, this flooring has a completely allergen-free and non-toxic nature, so you won’t need to be concerned about your toddlers or pets being on top of it.

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We Offer Wide Variety of Parquet Flooring Dubai

At our platform, you’re meant to come across an extensive range of Parquet floor tiles, in terms of both styling patterns and structural materials (essentially wood species), so as to best suit all the spaces. This way, you cannot just enjoy various distinctive styling ideas but can also get all of your requirements perfectly fulfilled.

Here are some of the noteworthy versions of our premium-quality Parquet Flooring Dubai.

Oak Parquet Flooring

Oak has always been a favorite choice of any and every wooden flooring and we’ve got you this amazing all-natural flooring treatment with a number of mind-blowing options.

Aged Parquet Flooring

Do you also crave classic stuff and are a fan of distressed furniture items? Get our peculiar Aged Parquet Flooring Dubai and this flooring treatment featuring vintage beauty will be the most valuable home improvement you can ever get.

Chevron Parquet Flooring

Resembling Herringbone flooring, our quality Chevron Parquet Tiles is one of the finest and most luxurious looking flooring treatments to choose from. The intricate and eye-catching patterns, designs, and rich-character wood look in deeper hues will simply spice up the whale vibe of your space.

Walnut Parquet Flooring

Walnut Parquet tiles Dubai are another great option to consider if you want some really out-of-the-box styling for your places. Featuring high-quality wood material, these floors look absolutely stunning and are a genuine breeze to maintain, as well.

herringbone parquet tiles.

What Makes Our Parquet Tiles Dubai A Valuable Treatment

Parquet flooring is one of the most worthwhile and high-end flooring solutions that offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. This flooring is not just simply adorable to look at but also is a really beneficial home improvement to invest in. Also, you can expect an enormous deal of durability from this flooring, that too, without any loss of beauty or advantages.

Maintaining this flooring is practically easy, which is to say that you can benefit from a luxury flooring treatment without doing a lot. Also, being an all-natural product, these floor tiles function admirably to maintain a healthy indoor air quality, which is kid and pet-friendly, as well. So get your homes flaunted and uplifted in the best manner, book our services now!

Fitting and Flaunting 

At Floor Tiles, you get the finest and entirely seamless installation services of parquet floor tiles as well as parquet wall tiles.

Post the Parquet Tiles Dubai installation, our adept professionals also carry out the most unique post-styling, which is meant to create a harmonious decor blend of the installed flooring and the existing look of your interiors. Do request your free quote of the floor treatment today!

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