6 Marvelous Historic Floor Tile Patterns


Whenever it comes to choosing the flooring for your home, there are many options available for you, and you want to select the best one from them. They can add more charm to your home. Applying the tiles would be the best of all the ideas used for your floor.

There are different types of tile available in the market to give a decorative touch to your home. These tiles can be installed in any area of your home, like bedroom, living room, kitchen, vintage bathroom floor tile patterns, etc.

If you have a historic house and want to give it a traditional look as the ancient people did. Then you must know about the top spectacular historical tiles that can help you in this way. Choosing the tiles for flooring can make or break the entire design of your home.

As far as the types of historical floor tile patterns, we will discuss the Topmost patterns in today’s article. We will give you the information about everything that you must know about the historical tiles.

6 Major Types Of Floor Tiles

There are different tiles that have been used to give a traditional effect to your home’s interior, like:

  1. Marble Tiles
  2. Porcelain Tiles
  3. Granite Tiles
  4. Glass Tiles
  5. Natural Stone Tiles
  6. Ceramic Tiles
  7. Small octagon tile

Each type of historical floor tile pattern has a unique specification compared to the other ones. You can apply these tiles as per the area where these tiles should be placed.

Benefits Of Using Floor Tiles

There are a lot of benefits of applying the historical floor tile patterns on the floor some of them are given below:

  • Require Low Maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes in versatile designs
  • Easy to repair.

Make your floor cool even during the hot weather of summer.

6 Spectacular Patterns Of Historical Floor Tiles

Historical floor tile patterns come in many patterns, but we will discuss the historical tiles that you can use for flooring in any area of your home or office. Let’s look at each pattern one by one:

1. Penny Round Tiles

Penny Round Tiles

These tiles are used for giving a traditional look to your floor. They come in a penny-round shape, not hexagonal, but something like that. But they are less popular as compared to hexagonal tiles.

You can apply these tiles in different ways to create unique and outstanding styles on your floor. They are also slip-resistant and help you walk on the wet floor without fearing sleeping on it.

These tiles typically come in ¾ inches and 1-inch sizes. Their small size creates a unique and fantastic look when you see them from a distance. Their round shape makes a large portion of the render. The color of this render plays a vital role in the interior decoration design of your home.

2. Hexagonal Tile

Hexagonal Tile

Hex tile patterns are the preferable choice by many homeowners for applying on the floor. And it becomes popular day by day. These small white hexagon tiles come in a single or multi-pattern, and you can choose them as per your preferences. The hexagon 1920s floor tile patterns come in small sizes for creating the best mosaic pattern on your floor.

You can also design complex patterns and easy ones. For example, you can combine the hex tiles with the mosaic design border to create a spectacular design that can be attractive to anyone.

3. PinWheel Tiles

PinWheel Tiles

These tiles were most popular during the 1920s and 1930s floor tile patterns. It comes in a funny but straightforward design. They come only in the black and white color combination, where the white color is placed around each corner, and the black color is placed at the center.

But there is a rare possibility of getting a dark blue contrast with the white color. You can use this pattern either in large or small spaces as per your preferences. For example, placing it in the kitchen would be the best choice for you.

Get the modern, attractive, superb for awkward surfaces, come in a variety of patterns, etc., by bungalow 1920s floor tile patterns.

4. Square Patterned Tiles

Square Patterned historic floor Tiles

Like other tiles, the square tiles are also one of the most widely used historical and traditional tiles. You can create the best mosaic and modern style by using these tiles. This is also the preferable tile for flooring your home.

By applying the borders of greek keys, winding belts, etc., you can create a fantastic scene that can attract anyone.

5. Basket Weave Tiles

Basket Weave Tiles

These tiles are also traditionally used for flooring and are not challenging to install. These tiles come in 12 inches * 12 inches sheets, like the penny and hexagon sheets. They usually come in black and white combinations. These tiles are best for applying in the bathroom.

While installing these tiles, you must follow the order in which these tiles should be installed; otherwise, you will ruin the entire look of the floor. So match each sheet with the other that creates a perfect look on the floor, then install it properly.

6. Block Random Tiles

Block Random Tiles

These types of tiles have a specific pattern and have been used since the 1930s. They were so popular in the late 1930s and 1940s, with various unique colors. After the 1940s, these tiles were available in unlimited colors and patterns that you could choose as per your requirements and match your home’s interior.


This is all about different historical floor tile patterns. We have discussed each tile pattern and the benefits of installing it on the floor. I hope this article will be helpful for you if you also want to give a traditional touch to your home’s interior.

If you didn’t understand something or have any queries regarding this, you could ask by posting a comment. Our professionals will guide you.

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